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Why Choose Us?

PageGroup is made up of three market leading global recruitment brands; Page Executive, Michael Page and Page Personnel. Each brand operates separately to secure top candidates at different levels – executive talent, qualified professionals and clerical staff.

At PageGroup, we have five values that have always contributed to our success; take pride, be passionate, never give up, work as a team and make it fun.

Our values and culture are reflected in everything we do, in each of our offices across the globe. It’s what sets us apart – join us and you’ll receive the best training, support and development opportunities throughout your PageGroup career and plenty of rewards for your work.

No one can match the opportunities we offer – and it’s up to you to decide the path your career takes. Want to lead a team of recruitment consultants and see them beat targets every quarter? Want to develop your career internationally? Want to be the highest biller? All of this can become a reality at PageGroup.


Why Choose Us?

Career Progression

We’re passionate about your career progression and acknowledge your talent with fast-paced career growth. Most people join us as recruitment consultants but we have plenty of examples of people who start at more senior levels. It all depends on your experience. Look at the steps you’ll take at PageGroup.

  • Managing Consultant
  • Manager
    • Sara Hagey

      Sara Hagey

      Why I joined PageGroup

      I joined PageGroup right after graduating from Emory University in May 2012; I had been interviewing at three different recruitment firms and it was clear to me that Michael Page was the right place to start my career in the industry.

      As a senior in college, I initially wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I found the PageGroup job application online out of pure luck. It was the first job spec I read that actually made me excited to join the real world and I was ecstatic when a Director at PageGroup called me the next day to discuss my resume.

      I did know that I was looking for an organization that would give the necessary tools to its new hires since I did not have relevant experience from my internships. I wanted a company that would give me opportunities to progress regardless of my age and tenure. I also wanted an environment that rewarded me directly for the work that I put in. I found all of this and more at PageGroup and I am so grateful for the past four years at PageGroup.

      My PageGroup career so far

      I had a lot to learn when I first started at PageGroup considering I was a raw grad lacking experience and industry knowledge. It was a tough learning curve but I felt like I was provided with the tools to succeed and as long as I was committed to improving my skills and learning from my mistakes, I would be able to get through those difficult first few months. I remember having a moment about six months into the job where I finally felt like things were falling into place and that was so rewarding.

      I have been promoted four times since I started and I am now a Senior Manager. With every promotion I have been able to get even more exposure to the management and business strategy sides of this job which are functions I didn’t even know four years ago I would be interested in. Pursuing a career in management has provided many new challenges but has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

      In the last four years at PageGroup, I have been on numerous High Flyers rewards trips and have been sent to places including the Nashville, Chicago, Houston, Saratoga, the Bahamas, Rio de Janiero, Turks and Caicos, and more. I have made some of my best friends at this company. I have progressed my career and helped progress the careers of others. I have grown both personally and professionally but I am most proud to say that the best thing about reflecting on my career to date is to think about my goals and where I see myself moving forward with PageGroup.

      My responsibilities:

      As a full-cycle recruitment firm, we are responsible for managing our relationships with clients, developing new business and new relationships and managing the cycle of the jobs we are actively recruiting for through to offer stages. 

      As a Senior Manager, I still do the recruitment and business development functions that drew me to this job in the first place. Now I am additionally responsible for hiring new members, training those new starters and growing our team by hitting specific targets related to size, profitability and market share. I look forward to my progression at PageGroup and the career progression of the members of my team.

      My advice to others who want to join PageGroup

      Learn as much as you can about a career in recruitment and ask as many questions as possible in the interview process. I also encourage people to research how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors as I am confident that the PageGroup employees, the training programs, compensation structure, incentive programs and overall opportunities for career development make PageGroup a standout from its competitors. Understand that the most challenging things about this job are the most rewarding as well; I have never worked harder for the success I have achieved here and for that reason I am committed and excited to continue my career at PageGroup.


      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.

    • Sofia Gonzalez

      Sofia Gonzalez

      Click on the video icon to learn more about how Sofia Gonzalez, Manager at Michael Page Houston, used hard work and resilience to grow a successful career from the bottom up.

      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.

  • Director
    • Paul Webster

      Paul Webster

      Paul is the Managing Director and Head of Page Executive in North America with over fifteen years Executive Search experience, including eleven within North America. Paul is the highest Revenue generator of all time for Page Group in North America, and the highest Revenue generator for Page Group globally in 2015.

      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.

      I began my career in corporate finance in 1995 and after five successful years decided to join one of the largest financial recruitment firms in the UK, heading up their permanent banking division. After being approached by senior management, I took the opportunity to join Michael Page in 2004 and set up a practice in London, before being asked to transfer to the USA to build up our banking division. I now head up front office executive hiring within corporate and investment banking for the US.

      1. Why did you decide to take the executive route having been a manager previously 

      Having built three highly successful teams in London, Stamford and then New York, managing over 30 people, I wanted to target the aspects of the recruitment role I enjoyed the most. This was the business development, client interaction and direct revenue production.

      2. What do you enjoy most about your current role? 

      Building a successful executive business. This has directly involved developing new and varied client relationships, working with rainmakers across various industry groups and growing revenue in previously unexplored sectors.

      3. What has been your greatest challenge and how has this changed in the last 12 months? 

      Having been utilized as a top manager across various recruitment sectors, it was initially very different to focus on a personal billing role. For example, over 50% of my time had been involved with hiring, training and developing staff, as well as business strategy and expansion. However, since I’ve adjusted it’s been very satisfying to focus on business development, reigniting client relationships and winning and referring business across PageGroup.

      4. What is your range of clients like? 

      One of the biggest benefits of moving to more of an executive role has been the breadth and depth of client relationships. This has included working on MD/director roles across the US, including selling and filling a structured finance retainer in Arizona and working on roles with firms from consumer goods to bulge bracket banks.

      5. How important is teamwork here? 

      One of the keys to being a successful executive recruiter, even though you’re not directly managing large numbers of people, is to appreciate how vital the Page family is to your success. You directly cross-sell the full range of recruitment products for other Page businesses and are still fully embedded in the PageGroup team.

      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.


    • Scott Gordon

      Scott Gordon

      Click on the video icon to learn more about how Scott Gordon grew his career at Michael Page to Executive Director.  His teams specialize in Technology, Advisory, Compliance, Legal, Tax and Human Resources recruitment.

      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.

    • Zuca Palladino

      Zuca Palladino

      Click on the video icon to find out simple, yet inspiring story of how Zuca Palladino worked his way to his current title as Associate Director in the Houston, Texas office.

      Create the incredible career you deserve. Join PageGroup and Apply now.

US promotions in 2015...
Managing Consultant

Managing Consultant






Why Choose Us?

Talent Development

PageGroup is a sales focused environment, but whether or not you have experience in this area or have worked in recruitment before, you’ll receive our market leading training when you start and throughout your career with us.


Moving our people forward
Maximizing Sales Training
Temp Academy
Future Leaders Training
Coaching and Appraisals
Management Development Program
Leadership Development Program

Why Choose Us?

Rewards and Wellbeing

When you join PageGroup, you’ll soon find the rewards aren’t just cash incentives. Our competitive base salaries, comprehensive benefit programs and personal and team based bonuses, combined with ‘High Flyers’ trips abroad for high achievers and regular team social events make PageGroup’s rewards the best in the industry.

We take pride in caring about our colleagues, so you will enjoy a range of wellbeing benefits on top of the financial rewards.

Be part of an organization that makes success fun. In all our offices, the world over, everyone enjoys a collaborative atmosphere where rewards are meaningful, performance based and often fun.

Base benefits
  • Competitive base salary
  • Performance related bonus
  • 20 vacation days
  • Minimum 11 company holidays
  • 401k (match is up to a maximum of 4% of base salary - 100% for the first 3%, 50% for the next 2%)
  • Comprehensive health benefits (medical, dental, vision and life)
  • Flexible spending plan (including medical and dependent care)
  • Commuter benefit plan



*Some benefits may apply after one year’s service.

Additional Benefits
  • Internal sales incentives
  • Breakfast provided on Mondays
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Complimentary water and soft drinks
  • Apple products
  • Summer Fridays



  • Quarterly High Flyers: VIP trips to national & international destinations for top performers
  • Quarterly team celebrations
  • Charitable events and fundraisers

High Flyers - Nashville, Tennessee

Trip to Wrigley Field for Yankees vs. Cubs game

Governor's Island Summer BBQ

Why Choose Us?

Giving Back to Others

As well as embracing our values, we encourage an environment where everyone gets involved in our corporate responsibility. Find out more about our approach to employee engagement, charity, internships and the environment in our corporate responsibility report.

Download our corporate responsibility report to find out more

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

We raise funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to support finding cures and improving the quality of life for blood cancer patients. In 2015 we raised $38,000 and were ranked #7 in the top Manhattan Corporate Teams that Support LLS.

Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots

We support Toys For Tots in making a difference in the lives of less fortunate children of our community. Last year we were able to provide approximately 180,000 children a gift of hope through a shiny new toy.

Houston recruitment consultants participate in the Light the Night Walk to support LLS

Recruitment consultants support the Chicago Food Depository with a food drive

Michael Page is ranked #7 in the Top Manhattan Corporate Teams that Support LLS in 2015

New York City Office collects gifts to support Toys For Tots

Why Choose Us?

Diversity at Work

OpenPage, our inclusion promise, is about recognizing and appreciating that every individual is different. Work in a role where:


We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to continually improving our own working environment. We call this OpenPage.

We appreciate that every individual is different and we want to ensure that everyone, whether a candidate seeking work through us, or one of our own employees, is valued and respected and that their selection for recruitment, training or promotion is always based on merit.

Age is just a number

Disability doesn’t hold you back

Sexual orientation doesn’t matter

Families and careers come first

A multicultural workforce thrives

Women succeed at work

Why Choose Us?

International transfers

View the profiles of some of our international transfers to find out why our global presence makes us a great company to work for.
David Slater UK – Canada

I joined Michael Page Sales in 2006 as a recruitment consultant. Interestingly I didn't join (as many do) with the intentions of working internationally... it's funny how things pan out when the right opportunity presents itself.

Last year I had an internal discussion about the growth potential and the obstacles to overcome in our Canadian business. I'm now director of Michael Page Sales, Marketing and Technology in Toronto. It's still early days with plenty to accomplish but I already feel that I've learned so much. I'm excited about what lies ahead and it's clear that it was the 'right time', despite me not knowing it only a few months ago! 

Denis Daniliuc France - Mexico

I joined in France as a recruitment consultant and progressed to manager level before applying for an international move and I was given the opportunity to move to New York. Heading back to Europe, I joined our office in Brussels to take over various disciplines in Belgium. After a few years, good results and a baby, I moved to Mexico City to grow our operations in this dynamic country.

I enjoy the nice weather and amazing weekend trips this beautiful country offers. If you want to develop professionally and enjoy a strong international network, PageGroup is definitely the place to be!

Erwan Camaret Australia - China – US

G'day! My name is Erwan and I manage the Engineering team in Chicago, IL.

In 2008, I joined Michael Page in sunny Sydney, Australia and became the top biller within two years.

However, I was young and I wanted to travel the world - Michael Page gave me the golden opportunity to live and work in China. Living in Beijiing was amazing! The food, the culture, the people...I even learned Chinese - nĭ hăo!

PageGroup genuinely rewards the best performers with fantastic opportunities oversees. Who else can say they lived and worked in Australia, China, and now the US all with one company?

I transferred to the US because I wanted to further my career and experience the world at the same time. At PageGroup, you can too.

Jamie Hart UK - Sweden

I joined Michael Page in 2000 in London and in 2014 it felt the right time to explore international opportunities.

Learning something new about yourself and other people, learning new ways of recruiting in different markets has always been the main driver behind my attachment to PageGroup. Moving to Sweden has taken this to a whole new level. 

The trust placed in you when you move abroad is inspiring, realising how much there is to learn gives you extra energy and living in a different environment positively challenges you professionally and personally. Now I won’t look back when I am old and wonder ‘if only’...

Marco Cremonese Italy - Germany

I started in Page Personnel Milan in 2009 as a trainee and became a senior recruitment consultant in the Retail division in 2010. In 2012 I took over the Digital & New Media specialization and in October 2013 I became a manager.

I was happy in Milan but I wanted to experience meeting new people and working in a new division. I also wanted to develop personally.

I now work for Michael Page Finance & Accounting in Munich – of course it is a hard challenge and a new start, but it is a wonderful experience. I´m happy about the opportunity that PageGroup gave me.


Giovanni Presti Italy - Turkey

I was one of the top performers in Europe and won a trip to Istanbul. I didn’t know then but a year later the company, in response to my desire for international experience, was going to propose Turkey as my next chance to develop.

I am growing a new team in Istanbul, a wonderful city in a country where the culture is different from Italy but where there is a lot of energy in people and life. With PageGroup there are opportunities to learn about new cultures and live the experience. 

Katherine Karlsen UK - South Africa

South Africa is very different from the UK, there are certain aspects of employment policy I had to overcome, but I find this makes it more exciting and it gave me a challenge. Johannesburg is known as the 'City of Gold' – as the gateway to Africa it provides you with further exposure to an emerging market. It really is an exciting place to recruit.

There is a great atmosphere in the office. The teams are motivated, passionate and diverse. There is a true sense of PageGroup culture here, with the added twist of South Africa.

Tamara Boonstra Netherlands - Indonesia

I was interested in the idea of international opportunities within the Group so started applying for a transfer. News came that the business was being launched in Jakarta, so I applied, got the job and moved here in January.

The best bit about moving is that it has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. I’m learning about a new culture and how to adapt in all sorts of situations – personally and professionally. Moving is definitely worthwhile. It has opened my mind and my eyes and given me space to explore and develop.

Simone Turola Italy - China

China is very different to Europe and the initial impact can be strong. It is important to have an open mind and see things with interest, curiosity and a sense of humor. Everyday can be a surprise, from the food to a new word that helps you in daily life to a new place to visit or a new person to meet.

I don’t know how many other companies can offer this level and variety of international opportunities; it’s a chance to build your future success. My only regret is that I should have done this earlier!


Your Role Here

We are specialist recruiters. This means all our recruitment consultants are experts in their industry and only recruit into their specific market, giving our customers the best insight and widest reach during their recruitment process.

The role of a PageGroup recruitment consultant revolves around business development, commercial customer service and generating revenue while engaging with clients, candidates and your PageGroup colleagues.

A typical week

Your Role Here

The key responsibilities of a recruitment consultant include:

  • Networking to build business information that can be converted into commercial opportunities
  • Identifying and developing client/business relationships in a competitive environment
  • Assessing and responding to the needs of each particular client or assignment
  • Advising on and selling the most appropriate solution for attracting candidates and maintaining a candidate database
  • Sourcing suitable candidates and briefing them on the opportunities offered by the client
  • Offering resume, interview and general career advice
  • Managing the process through interview to offer stage and beyond


  • Plan business development calls for the week
  • Face-to-face client meeting
  • Client pitch
  • Client advertising solution meeting
  • Present candidate shortlist to client
  • Candidate interviews
  • Provide feedback to candidates post-interview
  • Follow up with client and get testimonial
  • Candidate attraction through social media
  • Update candidate database
  • Resume screening
  • Brief candidates pre-interview
  • Negotiate terms with client
  • Learning and development training
  • One-on-one with manager
  • Client lunch
  • Breakfast meetings for weekly incentive winners
  • Business development competition
  • Candidate placement lunch
  • Sourcing for retained jobs
  • Week end review

Who is PageGroup?

Page Executive, Michael Page and Page Personnel make up recruitment powerhouse PageGroup. Join one of our teams and you’ll be working for one of the best names in the industry.

From where we started in 1976, we’ve grown to become a worldwide leader in specialist recruitment, with 153 offices in 35 countries. Our global network of employees work together to achieve our business objectives, while staying true to the PageGroup values.

Take your career to the next level; join PageGroup and become a recruitment consultant.

Download our annual report PDF to find out more. Download

How Do You Fit?

Recruitment is fast-paced, exciting and incredibly rewarding and it’s often challenging too. You must be prepared to push yourself in a sales environment if you want to reap the rewards.

Take our test to find out if you have what it takes to join PageGroup as a recruitment consultant.

Take the test

Do you have the personality for recruitment?

Take the test to find out if you have the right attributes to become a PageGroup recruitment consultant.


When faced with an important decision, which of the below best describes you?
A. I don’t tend to make snap decisions as they make me uncomfortable
B. I will think of new solutions to problems and decide on the course of action I want to take
C. I get nervous and deliberate for a while before making the decision


How do you feel about giving your opinion to a group of people?
A. I like to let other people speak up first
B. Asking other people for ideas or opinions shows a lack of skills and knowledge
C. Before giving feedback or a view, I would try to see things from their perspective


Which best describes how you convince people to accept a particular course of action?
A. The fear of making a mistake affects many of the decisions I make
B. I am able to make a clear presentation of my ideas and try and work to get the best outcome
C. I adopt a more direct and challenging style


4. How would you best describe yourself?
A. I believe that no matter what life throws at me, I will adapt to change over time
B. I like learning new things and challenging myself
C. I am the type of person that thinks outside the box


How do you react when faced with adversity?
A. I try to look at it from different angles in order to come up with the best solution
B. When someone gives me negative feedback, I immediately try to think of examples to prove him/her wrong
C. I'm really hard on myself when I fail, dwelling on all the ways I could have done better

Share your results

Use Your Skills

We have found that there are particular qualities that make people successful in our organization.

Many of these skills are easily transferred from your current or past work experiences. Have you ever had to negotiate with someone? Had to adapt your approach depending on your audience? Have you ever had to push yourself to achieve the best result?

The ability to be compelling and persuasive, develop relationships and work as part of a team, meet targets and compete for the best results is what will set you apart as a successful recruitment consultant.

Use Your Skills

Sales Experience

Want to enjoy uncapped earnings and build long-term relationships with clients? Do you want greater career prospects but your career goals extend beyond what your current employer is able to provide?

Become a PageGroup consultant today and utilize your existing sales skills in a market leading recruitment company.

Many personal and professional attributes are transferable in this industry and we’re on the lookout for talented sales people who want to be part of a team and take control of their own career.

Sound like you? Take a look at our case studies on the right to find out how some of our consultants came to us from a sales role, they explain the benefits of working in a role with a stable income, clear career progression and management opportunities.

Samantha Brown
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Use Your Skills

Sports Experience

Looking to take the first step on the corporate ladder?

If you are seeking a career that:

  • Rewards hard work
  • Embraces teamwork, pride and passion
  • Offers the opportunity for advancement
  • Offers international relocation
  • Allows you to utilize your current skills
  • Gives you the chance for your voice to be heard and to make an immediate difference
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Is full of likeminded individuals that want success and fun in equal amount

Then look no further....


Meredith Baugher
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Use Your Skills

Recruitment Experience

Looking for the next step in your recruitment career but unsure where to go?

Whether you are currently working in a boutique or in a larger corporate, we can offer unrivalled career opportunities for talented recruiters looking to maximize their potential.

In return you can expect a salary plus uncapped earnings, a supportive team environment, industry leading training and development and a structured career path. Experienced recruiters at PageGroup enjoy a rewarding, lucrative career in addition to incredible opportunities to establish or join our national and international offices.

For more reasons to join us, take a look at our case studies and discover more from recruitment consultants and managers who have joined from other recruiters and never looked back.

If you’ve got what it takes to be a successful member of our team apply now.  

Mike Brothers
Managing Consultant
Maggie Pettit
Recruitment Consultant
Alex Parkes

Use Your Skills

Industry Experience

Have you worked in an industry other than recruiting?

As a specialist recruitment firm, we consider your previous industry experience to be a strong advantage. Your expertise allows you to source and hire the best candidates and communicate with clients on a higher level. We recruit for the following disciplines:

Ricki Chiem
Recruitment Consultant

Students & Graduates

Kick-start your professional career as a PageGroup recruitment consultant.


Joining us isn’t just a great idea because we’re one of the best names in the industry, it’s also because in all our offices you’ll enjoy some of the best rewards and benefits out there. You’ll receive market leading sales training and all the support to equip yourself with the skills needed to win top clients and make a name for yourself.

Across the world we offer a number of different student internships and graduate development programs to help you gain commercial experience and learn on the job.

Students & Graduates

Our interns and grads

Find out from our interns and grads firsthand what it’s like to join PageGroup and kick-start a career in recruitment. 


Students & grads
Virginie Cosset - Intern turned Recruiter at PageGroup
Jen Gruezo - Intern turned Recruiter at PageGroup

Eric Fine



Client and candidate satisfaction rank highly among our recruitment consultants and this continues all the way through to director level. Negotiating on behalf of our clients to secure them the best candidates for their roles and the best package for our candidates is challenging.

Yes, it's business-to-business sales.

There is a constant buzz of activity. Each of our offices are open plan, so that team members can collaborate and support eachother every day. Most importantly, the environment is fun. Almost every day someone is celebrated or rewarded for their successes, which also inspires and motivatees the rest of the team.

The euphoria of placing candidates and being rewarded for achieving targets is evident throughout the whole organization. Many of our consultants have also communicated that they love how motivated they are, because the more you put in the more you will get back in return. In addition, the pride associated with working for such a well-known brand is a definite plus.

You will be paid a competitive base salary with the opportunity to receive bonus/commission payments. Your career will progress within PageGroup based on the results that you achieve – 87% of our directors were promoted from within. There are also trips abroad for high achievers and quarterly events within a fun and team-based environment. Finally, to round out your rewards package, we have competitive benefit programs.

All recruitment consultants have a set of key performance indicators relative to the business in which they work, these are discussed with your manager on a daily basis and used to track and improve your performance. In addition we have a bi-annual appraisal which gives you the opportunity to discuss, among other things, your long-term career plans.

As well as attending your regional recruitment consultant development program, you will also receive one-to-one support from your manager, including on desk coaching and shadowing and localised workshop sessions for key recruitment skills.

Successful applicants will be required to attend an interview, meet with the relevant Managing Director and may also have the opportunity to spend some time with the team you will potentially join.

We will contact you either way to confirm whether or not you have been successful and provide you with relevant feedback on your performance.

At PageGroup, you are part of a company at the leading edge of the recruitment industry. We offer a rewarding corporate environment and create opportunities and challenges for our employees to reach their potential and feel like a contributor to PageGroup’s success.


Ready to join PageGroup?

To apply for a role as a recruitment consultant at PageGroup, fill in the form below, upload your resume and click submit.



IMPORTANT: By submitting your email address and any other personal information to this website, you consent to such information being collected, held, used and disclosed in accordance with our PRIVACY POLICY and our website TERMS AND CONDITIONS